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Introducing Mox: Our Adorable Chief Cuddle Officer at Bad Mox Studios

Updated: Jul 11

Meet Mox, the adorable Boston Terrier from the sunny streets of southern California. She keeps our lives full of love and laughter ever since we brought her home with us in 2014. Mox loves all the interesting smells during our walks, but she really enjoys sniffing colorful flowers, especially flowers with heady or sweet scents. She is happiest after a good long morning or sunset walk on beach trails, hiking trails, parks, or even just around the neighborhood!

Mox loves every single person she meets <3 She greets every person she sees as if they're beloved old friends of hers. She gives every person the biggest smile that melts their hearts and gives them many kisses if they let her. She loves to rough house with her fellow pups, especially bigger breeds! We suspect she thinks she's one of the big dogs. She loves people, but her one kryptonite is cheese. She will betray any one for a piece of cheese (but only for the quick few seconds until the cheese are all gone!)

After spending joyful 8 years in southern California, Mox is now sunbathing and lounging around the pool in the sunny paradise of Boynton Beach, Florida since 2022.

At Bad Mox Studios, our adorable Mox holds the prestigious title of Chief Cuddle Officer, spreading love and warmth to everyone she encounters. With her playful spirit and unwavering loyalty, Mox is the heart and soul of our creative haven.

Join us as we embark on exciting adventures and capture precious moments with Mox as our beloved mascot. Together, we celebrate the joy and unconditional love that our furry friend brings to our lives every day.


Mox's Family

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